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Igniting The Spark: A Healer's Path.

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

"Reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is wellbeing,

wellbeing is freedom from disease." - Dr. Mikao Usui

Perhaps this part of myself has been know since I was a small child, in that small inner voice that knew I had a spark within meant for something truly special. "What was it?" I wondered. It was tangible, yet I could never manage to put my thumb on it. Like a half remembered song lyric, I could feel the rhythm and hum along, but never put words to it.

Many of my formative years were spent exploring that spark in what seemed to be a growing divide: on the one hand my Christian faith (raised Catholic, now a clergy spouse to a handsome young Methodist Pastor) was strong and nurtured by many years of choir membership, Sunday service, and private school; on the other hand the spiritual part of myself felt drawn like a magnet to explore aged wisdom from those you'd identify with the "alternative" side of the aisle (you know, those who use crystals, sage sticks, essential oils, sacred geometry, and numerology on the regular). It felt like two incompatible loves with equal billing in my book of life. How was I going to bridge the gap? Was it possible, and more importantly, was it morally acceptable?

Fast forward to spring 2009, a senior in college with graduation on the horizon. A flyer was put up in our dorm hallway with something to the effect of: "Come explore the healing technique of hands-on Reiki!" Well, color me intrigued! (For more information about specifically what Reiki is and means, please visit my FAQs page.)

I eagerly signed up to have one of the 10 minute sample sessions by a wonderful young woman, a fellow senior, named Maggie. I had no idea what to expect as I laid down on the couch in our common room, but as she began to place her hands on my head (and over the various other places I would come to learn as the chakras) I began to feel the most pleasant...lightness. A feeling of calm connectedness swelled in me. It was a feeling that ignited the spark. My gut knew that I had stumbled onto something significant and that I most definitely had to explore what it meant.

Maggie connected me with her Reiki teacher and I became certified in First Degree that fall. The more I practiced, the more I began to understand what that spark meant to me: a deeply-rooted, unmistakable desire to heal others.

Healing, as I came to understand, was so much more complicated (yet beautifully simple) than I had always thought. As most people understand, health as a concept encompasses our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. Reiki had helped me understand the beautiful network of subtle energy pathways that are responsible for our overall health from top to bottom, from how our physical body operates to how we respond to love, to stress, to compassion, to neglect, etc. Health began to take on a new meaning. It wasn't just freedom from disease and/or illness. It was the ability to cope positively in the face of strife, to offer compassion where not was given to you, to feel happiness and peace deep in your bones even if you haven't felt it for days/months/years, to feel the presence of God in your life, etc. It was a gift I wanted more than anything to offer to others. A spiritual gift that combined my Christian roots (laying on of hands, an ancient biblical practice) with my affinity toward the "alternative" spiritual world.

And here we are. I'm finally in a place where this gift is something I can offer on a professional basis to whomever is in need of it. So I welcome you. Welcome to this practice, welcome to this journey. And as I walk with you on your own health and wellness journey, know that the light and love I will hold for you is divinely given and guided - there is no facet of your life, no matter how far from hope it may seem, that we cannot address together.

Yours in Health,


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