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"It's Such A Good Vibration..."

"It's such a sweeeeet sensatiooon!"

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Ok, now that I've gotten Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch stuck in your head for the next five minutes, let me make it up to you by exploring how our mind/body connection has such a deeply intricate role to play in our overall health far beyond any preventative measures we may be taking, or grood genes we were lucky enough to inherit.

Single-handedly, the reason Reiki is most effective as a therapy for healing is because it works directly with your body's energy system (by introducing a concentrated "hit" of divinely-guided life force energy). Your subtle biofield holds all information past and present about your life, including the state of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Why Reiki is able to affect this field is because, simply, EVERYTHING is energy and, therefore, everything has a vibration. Quantum physics has been circling the idea of a unified field theory which gives huge credibility to the idea that we are all intricately inter-connected in the same field of vibration. We (and all matter) are made up of atoms that are constantly vibrating at a specific frequency (measured by Hertz) which determine the expression of that matter. So, it stands to reason that some things can vibrate at a low frequency while others vibrate at a higher frequency. Atoms that make up a sunflower vibrate differently than that of a dog, or a human, etc. The human body vibrates at a measurable frequency that is different when we are happy (wedding, birth, promotion) than when we are ill, grieving, have a headache, and so on. Raw fruits and vegetables have a higher frequency than that of processed snack food, and tea a higher frequency than that of coffee. Even the music we listen to has been linked to different health outcomes (think of the music you'd expect to listen to while getting a massage verses what you might listen to at a night club). I'm personally a huge fan of Young Living essential oils and use them frequently for when my energy is feeling a little depleted and "low", i.e. headache, anxious, first signs of a cold, and when I need help getting to sleep.

In my opinion, though, the greatest predictor for good health across the board is the state of your mind. This extremely powerful variable has, undoubtedly, the biggest influence on whether you can recover quickly from ailment, injury, grief, ennui, and spiritual crisis. Reiki can work beautifully to help realign your mental state with a higher vibration better attuned to positivity (optimism), better coping mechanisms, and to get out from underneath the poor mental habits we set for ourselves like self-pity, hurtful self-talk, self-sabotage, and survival fears (related to money habits, career choices, etc). 

As this video by Bob Proctor on the Law of Vibration suggests, and I highly recommend you give it a listening-to, there is no situation in life that can actually cause you stress, fear, or any emotion we may label as "negative" due to the physiological toll it takes on your body; it is your reaction to these situations that produce the undesirable emotional, mental, and physical effects. Your mind and the natural predisposition you have toward optimism and pessimism have a far greater effect on your long-term health than any genetic predisposition or lifestyle choice. And thankfully, like a muscle, the mind can be trained and retrained to produce amazing, abundantly beautiful outcomes in our mind/body/spirit health.

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If you have 10 mins to listen to the video linked above, I think it would be well worth your time. If you can't watch, listen while you do dishes :) After we have become more acquainted with the impact that what we listen to, what we think to and about ourselves, how we talk to others, and what we put in our bodies has on our energetic health, we may start to approach even the seemingly harmless things in our lives with greater intention, care, and respect. Our bodies really are our temples, and we should take care to treat it with the love and protection (preventative care) it deserves.



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