Research Articles on Subtle Energy Therapies

Subtle energy therapies like Reiki, Biofield Tuning, and Tapping (EFT) are becoming more easily recognized in the Western conventional medical model, but much ground remains to be explored. As popularity grows and patients/clients request these CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) services from their healthcare providers, the minds responsible for fully funded and accredited research become aware of this need and so dissect it using the scientific method. Using science to observe the subtle/spiritual can be complicated and relatively uncharted territory, but some holistic-minded medical professionals have started to pave the way. Below is not an exhuastive list, but are some publicly available research articles which can be found online.


Biofield Tuning

As Biofield Tuning is a relatively new model (discovered in 1996 and taught as a formal practice starting in 2010), there have been no formal clinical trials to research its many subjective benefits. Please refer to the Biofield Tuning website to stay abreast of new research as it becomes available.

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)